A checkout resource is an entity containing all data needed to perform a checkout. The information in the resource is organised in the following sub-resources:

  • Merchant: Information about the merchant and the integration.
  • Customer: Information about the customer type and shipping address.
  • Order: Information about the order and the order items.
  • Gui: Information about the language, theme, and forms of the checkout.
  • History: Status history and timestamps.


M = Mandatory, O = Optional, R = Read-Only

ParameterMORDescriptionPossible values
idUnique identifier of the checkout.UUID
purchaseIdUnique identifier of Payson payment. Null until status changes to readyToShip.null/int
description ✓Used to describe the purchase.String
snippetHTML-snippet.String (HTML)
statusStatus of the checkout. [1]Checkout status
expirationTimeExpiration time of the checkout. The checkout will be expired after this.Date and time (ISO 8601)
merchantMerchant resourceMerchant
customerCustomer resource.Customer
orderOrder resource.Order
guiGui resource.Gui
historyHistory resource.History
[1]The status can only be changed by the merchant in specific states. For example it can be changed from ReadyToShip to Shipped.


“status”: “created”,
“id”: “264d3bfd-f7a1-4122-8556-a56700f71eaa”,
“snippet”: “<iframe id=’checkoutIframe’ name=’checkoutIframe’
style=’width:100%; height: 100%’ frameborder=’0′ scrolling=’no’></iframe>”,
“customer”: {
“type”: “person”
“order”: {
“currency”: “sek”,
“totalPriceExcludingTax”: 172.5,
“totalPriceIncludingTax”: 250,
“totalTaxAmount”: 77.5,
“items”: [
“itemId”: “c363d219-191e-41df-a502-a56700f71eb6”,
“discountRate”: 0,
“name”: “TestItem1”,
“quantity”: 1,
“taxRate”: 0.4,
“totalPriceExcludingTax”: 60,
“totalPriceIncludingTax”: 100,
“totalTaxAmount”: 40,
“creditedAmount”: 0,
“type”: “physical”,
“unitPrice”: 100
“itemId”: “1489c744-7acd-4ed8-b839-a56700f71eb6”,
“discountRate”: 0,
“name”: “TestItem2”,
“quantity”: 3,
“taxRate”: 0.25,
“totalPriceExcludingTax”: 112.5,
“totalPriceIncludingTax”: 150,
“totalTaxAmount”: 37.5,
“creditedAmount”: 0,
“type”: “physical”,
“unitPrice”: 50
“merchant”: {
“checkoutUri”: “”,
“confirmationUri”: “”,
“partnerId”: 0,
“notificationUri”: “”,
“termsUri”: “”
“gui”: {
“colorScheme”: “blue”,
“locale”: “en”,
“verfication”: “none”,
“requestPhone”: false
“history”: {
“created”: “2015-12-07T14:59:44”