A merchant resource is an entity containing all merchant information needed to perform a checkout.
There will be a link to your terms and conditions in the checkout; “termsUri” in the list below. Please take extra care to make the terms and conditions page as straight forward as possible for your customers.


M = Mandatory, O = Optional, R = Read-Only

Parameter M O R Description Possible values
checkoutUri URI to the merchants checkout page. URI
confirmationUri URI to the merchants confirmation page. URI
notificationUri Notification URI which receives CPR-status updates. URI
termsUri URI leading to the sellers terms. URI
validationUri Validation URI which is called to verify an order before it can be paid. URI
integrationInfo Information about the integration. String
(max length 100)
partnerId Partners unique identifier. Only applicable for certain merchants. If you haven’t received a partnerId from Payson then you don’t use this parameter String
(max length 100)
reference Merchants own reference of the checkout. Can for example be used for your orderId String
(max length 100)