Payson Checkout 2.0

By embedding Payson Checkout 2.0 your customers will remain on your site during the payment process and no matter what device they use the payment experience will be smooth.The money will be transfered to your Payson account 10 days after you have sent the products, no matter how your customers choose to pay for their order.

Payson Checkout 2.0 offers the following payment options:

  • SEK – Invoice (including payment plans), Card (Visa, MasterCard), WyWallet, Bank (Swedbank, Handelsbanken, Nordea, SEB, Danske Bank)
  • EUR – Invoice, Card, Finish Banks (Sampo Pankki, Nordea, OP-Pohjola)


  • The minimum amount of purchase is 4 SEK or 0,4 EUR
  • The maximum amount of purchase is 1 000 000 SEK or 100 000 EUR


1) The customer starts with a form in which he/she is asked for: email, social security number, and postal code. The checkout can be setup to ask for phone number as well if needed.


2) The next page shows the customers address fetched through a lookup of the social security number earlier provided. The customer gets to choose to either complete the purchase and pay by invoice, or to pay the purchase immediately.


3) If the customer chooses to pay immediately he/she will be transfered to a new form to choose payment method.


4) After the purchase has been completed the customer will be shown an receipt to confirm the completed purchase.


Checkout flow:


Getting started

  1. Open a Payson Account for your company and make sure that the separate agreement required for invoice payments has been confirmed
  2. Embed Payson Checkout 2.0
  3. Get a Test Agent and test your integration
  4. Go live
  5. Use the API or “My account” to confirm that you have sent the products