Payson Checkout

Payson Checkout is designed to maximize the number of conversions. With our new and fast payment method we have discarded all unnecessary steps in the checkout to increase your sales. The payment window can be integrated (iframed) into your e-shop.

Payson Checkout has our lowest transaction costs and no fixed fees.


Use the REST API documentation for an integration directly with the Payson Checkout REST API.


Libraries are hosted at GitHub.

This is a combined library for Payson Recurring Payments and Payson Checkout.
Code examples for this library are included in the example folder.

The library include a complete demo store to get you started, visit code samples for examples using this library.

Use existing plugin or module

Visit our modules and plugins page for the quickest way to integrate Payson Checkout.

Demo Stores

We have several demo stores where you can see our plugins and modules in action.


The customer starts with a form in which they enter: email, social security number (where applicable), and postal code.

In the next step the customer address is displayed and the customer gets to choose how to complete the purchase.

If the customer chooses to pay by card the form for card details will be shown.

If the customer chooses to pay by invoice, they can choose to pay it within 14 or 30 days.

After the purchase has been completed the customer will be shown an receipt to confirm the completed purchase.

Checkout Flow

This is what a standard flow, from customer adding items to the shopping cart to merchant receiving money on their Payson account, can look like.