Validate action

This method is used to validate the content of the IPN message that was sent to your ipnNotificationUrl.

API endpoint:

Validate request parameters

Send the complete unaltered IPN message back to Payson; the message must contain the same parameters in the same order and be encoded in the same way as the original message.

Validate Response Parameters

A single-word message (Note: NOT an NVP message) is returned. One of the following values is used as content:

  • VERIFIED – Message is valid
  • INVALID – Message is invalid or altered in some way

After you receive the VERIFIED message, there are other important checks you should perform before you can assume that the message is legitimate. For instance, confirm that the payment status is COMPLETED for Payson Direct and Payson Guarantee payments. For Payson Invoice payment, make sure the invoiceStatus is ORDERCREATED. You could also use the trackingId to verify that the payment has not already been processed in your system.

It is also a good idea to validate that the receiver’s email address is registered to you and that the price, item description, and so on match the transaction on your website.