Testing / sandbox

A separate test system is available that can be used to test your integration. It has the same functionality as the live API including IPN, but no real money will be moved. For bank and credit card payments a bank simulation page will be shown in place of the live bank page which allow you to simulate an OK or denied bank response.

A fully working demo shop using the test system is online at DemoShop

Test Agent & Customer

The test system does not share accounts with the live site. A test agent has been setup that can be used in place of the live agent account. The agent is approved for both credit card/bank payments and invoice payments.

Credentials Value
API User ID (AgentId): 4
API Password (MD5-key): 2acab30d-fe50-426f-90d7-8c60a7eb31d4
Receiver Email: testagent-checkout2@payson.se

Important: The test credentials can only be used when initiating a test transaction i.e. when communicating with test-api.payson.se and test-www.payson.se. Any attempt to use these credentials with the production environment will result in failed authentication (ERROR 520003).

For more detailed testing you may create your own test agent for use in the test environment. Create your own test agent here. This test agent will be automatically approved for both credit card/bank payments and invoice payments. Using your own test agent makes it possible for you to login to that test account (on the test enironment) and see the requestlogs for your test agent.

Any credit card with a valid checksum digit and valid prefix will work for test transactions. The card will not be charged.

Any customer email and first/last name will work, but it is also possible to use our predefined test customer.

Customer Email: test-shopper@payson.se
Method/Action Test URL
Pay Forward URL https://test-www.payson.se/paysecure/?token={token}
Pay Endpoint https://test-api.payson.se/1.0/Pay/
PaymentDetails Endpoint https://test-api.payson.se/1.0/PaymentDetails/
PaymentUpdate Endpoint https://test-api.payson.se/1.0/PaymentUpdate/
Validate Endpoint https://test-api.payson.se/1.0/Validate/

Limitations of the test environment

There are several limitations and differences in the test environment compared to the live system.

  • No emails will be sent. All email functionality is completely disabled.
  • Test info box. A info box will be displayed on most pages to make you aware that it is the test environment.
  • No Account page for Payson’s test agent If you use Payson’s test agent with AgentId 4 it is not possible to login on the site and see the account information such as the history of payments made in the test environment. However, if you create your own test agent you may login to test-www.payson.se and see all transactions and API requests there.
  • Missing functionality. Not all functionality is available on the actual Payson site (https://test-www.payson.se)

Testing on the live API

It is recommended that you also do some tests in the live API when your integration is complete to verify that everything is setup correctly including the action URLs.

The easiest way to minimize the fees involved for card and bank payments is to refund the payment. The refund function can be reached from the payment history details page in the account.

In the case of invoices no fees and no actual invoices are issued until you mark them as shipped and shipped invoices can be credited.