PaymentUpdate action

Update an existing payment, for instance mark an order as shipped or canceled. The following updating actions are available:

  • CANCELORDER – Cancel an order before it is shipped and thereby canceling the entire payment.
    Note: Only possible if type is INVOICE and invoiceStatus is ORDERCREATED.
  • SHIPORDER – Ship an order and thereby convert it into an invoice. The sender will be notified by Payson that an invoice has been created.
    Note: Only possible if type is INVOICE and invoiceStatus is ORDERCREATED.
  • CREDITORDER – Credit an order that has been shipped. A credit invoice will be issued for the entire invoice.
    Note: The full amount including Payson’s fee will be drawn from the receiver account. If the receiver account has insufficient funds it is not possible to credit the order. If Payson has not yet settled money to the receiver, the fee will still be drawn from the account. Only possible if type is INVOICE and invoiceStatus is SHIPPED or DONE.
  • REFUND – Refunds a Payson Direct payment to the sender. If the sender deposited the amount it will be refunded to the origin (credit card/bank) if the origin supports it. If the sender payment was made in full or partially with funds from the sender’s Payson account the credited amount will be refunded to the sender’s Payson account.
    Note: Only possible if type is DIRECT.
  • CANCELPAYMENT – Cancels a pending Payson Direct payment, meaning the associated token can not be used to complete the payment.

API endpoint:

PaymentUpdate request parameters

Required Parameter Data type Description
Required token Guid The token obtained when creating the payment.
Required action UpdateAction Action to take for this payment.

PaymentUpdate Response Parameters

Parameter Data type Description
responseEnvelope.ack AckCode Acknowledge code indicating the overall success of the request.
responseEnvelope.timestamp DateTime Timestamp that identifies when the response was sent.