PaymentDetails action

Get details about an existing payment.

API endpoint:

PaymentDetails request parameters

Required Parameter Data type Description
Required token Guid The token obtained when creating the payment.

PaymentDetails Response Parameters

Parameter Data type Description
responseEnvelope.ack AckCode Acknowledge code indicating the overall success of the request.
responseEnvelope.timestamp DateTime Timestamp that identifies when the response was sent.
purchaseId int Payson purchaseId for this payment.
senderEmail string The sender’s email address.
status PaymentStatus The status of the payment.
type PaymentType Type of payment.
guaranteeStatus GuaranteeStatus The status of an ongoing Payson Guarantee payment. This is only set if type is GUARANTEE.
guaranteeDeadlineTimestamp DateTime Timestamp that identifies when the next guarantee deadline is due, if one exists.
invoiceStatus InvoiceStatus The status of an ongoing Payson Invoice payment. This is only set if type is INVOICE.
custom string A free-form field submitted with the Pay request.
trackingId string Your own invoice or tracking id submitted with the Pay request.
receiverList.receiver(n).email string Email address of the receiver.
receiverList.receiver(n).amount string The amount to transfer to this receiver.
receiverList.receiver(n).primary bool Determines whether this is the primary receiver or not.
currencyCode CurrencyCode A three-character currency code.
receiverFee decimal The fee charged the receiver of the payment

Shipping address

Invoice shipping address info. Only set if the type is INVOICE and invoiceStatus is one of ORDERCREATED, SHIPPED, DONE or CREDITED. Please note that this address must be used as shipping address.

Parameter Data type Description string The name of the shipment’s receiver.
shippingAddress.streetAddress string The shipment receiver’s street address.
shippingAddress.postalCode string The shipment receiver’s postal code. string The shipment receiver’s city. string The shipment receiver’s country.