Getting started


  • Verified PaysonAccount. For invoice a separate agreement is required.
  • Ensure that all API calls are made with TLS 1.1 or higher.

Use an existing integration

Read more about which modules and partners support Payson Checkout 1.0 on the Payson website.

Make your own integration

You need to know some programming in order to create a fully customized integration for your webshop, but you have come to the right place and we will help you with all the details you need!

To help you get started with the integration you can use one of our libraries.

Invoice payments

A separate agreement is required to start receiving payments by invoice and at the moment the only supported currency is SEK. The receiver of the payment has to be the same Payson account as the account used for the request, e.g. the email address associated with the Payson account for the PAYSON-SECURITY-USERID used in the HTTP header.