Payson Checkout 1.0


The Payson Checkout has one purpose – to make shopping easy for your customers.
Using the Checkout your customers can easily pay by their preferred option; card, bank, SMS or invoice. The purchase can be made using any device, including a mobile phone or tablet. No matter how your customer chooses to pay you will receive the payment to your Payson account to simplify your administration.


  • Up and running within 24 h

    It’s quick and easy to sign up for a Payson account and we support several different e-commerce systems.

  • No fixed fees, no agreement period

    With Payson there are no fixed fees and no starting fee. There is also no fixation time, because we understand that you as an entrepreneur strives to get started without high stakes.

  • One license agreement

    There is no need for any other agreement; we will handle the entire payment system for you. We cooperate with Visa/MasterCard and the largest Swedish internet banks. You will also be able to access mobile payments and our invoice service.

  • High conversion rate

    We have put together the most common payment methods in one place, so the customer can find their preferred payment  method and complete the purchase easy, fast and secure. The Checkout is user friendly and will adjust to any device used by the customer. Payson is also a well-known service to many consumers.

  • 10 years of online experience

    Payson has been active since 2004 and have thousands of e-commerce users and millions of satisfied customers. Why not join them!