Order item

An order item resource is an entity containing all order information needed about an order item.


M = Mandatory, O = Optional, R = Read-Only

ParameterMORDescriptionPossible values
discountRateDiscount rate of the article.Decimal number (0.00-1.00)
creditedAmount(✓)Credited amount. Can only be set after an order has been shipped.Decimal number (2 decimals)
eanEuropean Article Number.String
(8-18 digits)
imageUriA URI to an image of the articleURI
itemId (✓)Unique number used to identify the item. Will be assigned by Payson during the creation of an order. Mandatory when updating an order.UUID
nameName of the article.String
(max length 200)
quantityQuantity of the article.Discrete number
referenceArticle reference, usually the article number.String
(max length 100)
taxRateTax rate of the article.Decimal number (0.00-1.00)
totalPriceExcludingTaxTotal price of the article (excluding tax)Decimal number (2 decimals)
totalPriceIncludingTaxTotal price of the article (including tax)Decimal number (2 decimals)
totalTaxAmountTotal tax of the article.Decimal number (2 decimals)
typeType of article.“Fee”, “Physical” (default), “Service”
unitPriceUnit price of the article (including tax).Decimal number (2 decimals)
uriURI to a page with information about the item.URI