Error Codes

Error Response Parameters

This section details the possible errors you can receive in a request to a Payson API server.

Parameter Description
errorList.error(n).errorId A number that uniquely identifies an error.
errorList.error(n).message A description of errorId.
errorList.error(n).parameter Indicates which submitted parameter caused the error. Only included where appropriate.
Code Message
500000 System error.
520002 Internal error.
520003 Authentication failed; Credentials were not valid.
520005 The merchant account is locked.
539041 An email account is not receive enabled.
579008 Number of primary receivers exceeds 1.
579009 If PaysonGuarantee is offered, there may be at most one receiver
580021 Invalid parameter – too long.
580022 Your request was invalid. Check the parameter of the error to see which is invalid.
580028 A URL supplied with the request is malformed.
580029 A required parameter was not provided. Check the error parameter list.
580030 The amount is below the minimum limit.
580031 The amount is above the maximum limit.
589018 Invalid payment token
589053 All payment methods have been disabled for this combination of funding constraint, merchant and receiver.
590001 The total amount specified for receivers does not match the total amount specified by the order items.
590005 Not all related order item parameters where specified. All or none of unitPrice, quantity, taxPercentage and sku must be set.
590006 Invoice requires one receiver.
590007 Invoice requires fee on receiver.
590008 Invoice requires that order items are specified.
590009 Invoice payments are not available to this merchant.
590010 The requested action is not possible in the current state of the payment.
590011 The amount on the invoice is below the minimum limit.
590012 Invoice does not support the selected currency.
590013 The invoice fee out of the valid range.
590015 The receiver is not allowed to receive invoices.
590016 The sender and receiver is the same user.
590018 The requested action is not possible for the current type of payment.
590020 A primary receiver is required for this kind of payment.